Second Step For Warriors

About Us

Second step for warriors is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 to help veterans transition into civilian life.

The founder, Reuben Cooper a disabled veteran himself, had to navigate through his transition with little to no help, and because of this he became passionate about helping his fellow veterans after leaving the service. He began collecting clothing and donations to take to the VA hospital for veterans in need. He donates suits and dresses for veterans, so they would have proper attire for interviews. He does fundraisers and places collection jars at different businesses to raise awareness and collect donations to assist with medical care, transportation, and any other things they need. He volunteers for the care and transportation of his fellow veterans as needed. He is passionate about helping his brothers and sisters in arms lead a good life after transitioning into the civilian world, and he hopes you too will become passionate as well!

Help us help those who have helped so many!